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Types of Membership


Being a FTIPC Member test

 Apply for F.T.I. Member

The Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.) is a private, not profit organization representing the Thai industrial sectors and various industrial enterprises. Enacted by the Federation of Thai industries Act, 1987, the F.T.I. operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry. The significant role of F.T.I. is to extend its cooperation to the government sector both domestic and in international realms in the conduct of the business and industrial development.

Tpyes of Membership

Ordinary Member refers to any industrial enterprise that complies with the factory Act or any trade association set up to promote industry. panerai replica watches

  1. Associate Member refers to those individuals and juristic persons who are not in the industrial sector or other trade associations. Individuals whose work relates to industry and whose achievements contribute to the theoretical or technological advancement of the industrial sector are encouraged to join.

These members are grouped into

  • Industrial clubs

  • Provincial chapters

This grouping allows the F.T.I. to organize its work systematically, with the F.T.I. serving as a center for enhancing the relationship and promoting mutual benefits among members of the two groups of the Thai industrial community.

 The F.T.I.'s Roles and Responsibilities

The F.T.I. is a juristic person fully authorized by law to pursue the objectives as set forth in the F.T.I. Act, 1987

  1. To serve as the sole representative of all industrial enterprises in the kingdom working in close collaboration with the government

  2. To promote and develop the industrial sector

  3. To identify problems and issues arising in the conduct of industrial enterprises and to seek efficient solutions

  4. To inspect and issue Certification of Origin or Certification of Quality Assurance

  5. To share views and give recommendations to the government for industrial vision, direction and policy formulation

  6. To serve as a focal point for exchanging information and opinions among industrialists for the benefits of the entire industrial community

  7. To monitor and oversee the operation of all members to ensure the compliance with industrial-related laws and regulations through its recently introduced corporate good governance and good ethic philosophy and frequent holding of workshops on domestic and international business law frequent holding of workshops on domestic and international business law

  8. To perform other duties as the law may prescribe

 Service offered to F.T.I. members

  • Issuance of certification, assuring trade parties for the proper operation or production of goods needed to claim investment promotion privileges

  • Issuance of Certificates of Origin

  • Provision of bar-coding technology in modernizing company's marketing to international standard and worldwide EDI and E-Commerce application

  • Provision of consultancy and assistance in environmental management for industries, including testing of waste water and of the quality of air in industrial plants, upgrading of company's manpower and technological development, energy conservation and industrial environmental technology

  • Provision of consultancy on energy saving technology and conservation of natural resources

  • Assistance in the development of member's businesses and the general public by providing consultancy, conducting workshops and training, seminars, educational and observation tours both domestically and overseas

  • Provision of latest information, data bank access as required in the improvement of their industrial performance through F.T.I. internet and intranet system

  • Opportunity to exchange views and meet trade missions, both form within the country and from aboard and participation in major industrial trading and technological fair worldwide

How to apply for F.T.I. membership

Petrochemical Industry Club,
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok. 

For more information,
please call 662-345-1005
fax : 02 654 5005, E-mail : info@ftipc.or.th

 Documents required with your application for

For a company, a partnership, or a state enterprise ;

  1. A copy of the trade registration

  2. A copy of the company or partnership enterprise registration

  3. A copy of the factory permit

  4. A statement of your company's Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Note : Ordinary Member applicants are required to bring items 1-4. 
           Associate Member applicants and juristic persons need only bring items 3-4

 Trade Association applicants must submit the following documents :

  1. A certification letter from the Trade Association Registry

  2. A copy of the trade association registration

  3. A list of association members

  4. A list of the rules and regulations exercised by the association

A F.T.I. registration officer will verify your documents and propose your application request to the F.T.I. Board of Directors at its monthly meeting. A letter of notification will sent by mail upon the Board of Directors' approval.

Your membership is deemed completed once the Board of Directors gives written approval, and your registration fee as well as the membership fee have been received.


TEL: FAX:   E-MAIL : info@ftipc.or.th